He Is Risen!

Today is a special day. 2000 plus years ago, a Father allowed His son to die a gruesome death so that we could be here today. Being thankful is an understatement but I am BEYOND thankful for what Jesus has done for me. No other person has ever died a gruesome death as He did, be dead for 3 days straight and rise up alive… That’s unreal right? Not for Jesus. The love that His father had for Him, to go through that and allow that to happen is what truly love is. He knew what He needed to do in order for us to live and one day know Him.

All I need to say is, Jesus: Abba, I am so thankful for your love for me, and all your children. Today is truly about you and nothing else. You’re actions are always beautiful, just like your heart for your children. I don’t deserve any of this, however you don’t care. You love me for me.

Beloved, SG.






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