UN & comfortable

As ironic as it sounds, I have found comfort in the uncomfortableness. There’s a sense of peace residing in the knowledge of the unknown. It’s the peace that surpasses all. It’s the peace that can only come from the creator of peace itself; Jesus. Jesus is comfortable, yet at the same time uncomfortable. Life can also be comfortable yet uncomfortable. Catch my drift?

It’s ironic I know, but so is buying tofu and brekkie sausages together at the grocery store. (true fact, that did happen) With having just turned 21, by law I am now an adult, which you’re not provided a handbook at your local DMV station, so it’s going to get uncomfortable in a familiar comforting setting because not everyone whose 21 is doing what I am doing. Stuff what that “rule book” says, if you’re not uncomfortable at some point in your life you’re doing it wrong. During those seasons of doubt and despair your character can flourish into something so transforming you’ll want to keep following that narrow pathway to continue to find that peace that you have never crossed paths with before.

I’m not sure why I am writing what I am writing, but I know that someone needs to hear this. I’ve felt it, so I speak from experience and to let you know that it’s ok to be feeling those feelings. We have them for a reason, it shows that you ARE human, we are suppose to have feelings. We are suppose to experience hardships and make mistakes, because if we don’t how do we learn? How do we set goals and try harder next time?

Dip those toes in the comfort of being uncomfortable and for once you will say you have lived with that “ah” exhale of achievement.




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