Spring (Outwear)

Layers are keen for that spring crisp air. That’s why jackets are my best friend. You can change a whole outfit just by adding one more layer. I am a person who gets cold majority of the time, if I’m not in my sweatshirt under a blanket then thats a different story. Being spring though, I am going to try and be outside as much as possible. Whether that be for meetings, brekkie, going out, etc. Jackets will never let you down!


A statment jacket: Plaid was never my pattern until I let it grow on me and now this is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. It can dress up any casual boyfriend jean outfit or add some texture to your all black outfit. Or if you want to feel like Olivia Palermo for a second, then this jacket will do the trick.

(Ann Taylor wool jacket)


Faux fur vest: spring days to spring nights, a fur vest will always add a touch of glam to your any day, anywhere or anytime outfit.

(Ann Taylor faux fur)


Faux leather jacket: date night, girls night, theatre, whatever the event may be this jacket will always be key to add some edge to your perfectly to-the-T outfit.

(PacSun Faux leather)


Black poodle: When I want to feel fashionable without even trying, adding an oversized textured jacket will be ideal for this statement. It’s effortlessly chic

(H&M Poodle black)

Happy (almost) Spring!

ps. these are my top fav jackets right now.





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