Happy New Year!

Twenty Sixteen is right around the corner… how insane does that sound? I remember when 2010 hit, it was a catasrophy, is it said twenty-ten or two thousand-ten but that was 6 years ago. I cannot wrap my head around how fast the year has flown by. Every year cliché as it is, because it works I write down my goals, dreams and aspirations. I have noticed over the years, majority of them do come true if I write it down, that way I can see that IS my goal and not forget it or put it off. Most of them happen though not in my timing which the Lord has really put on my heart but I’m learning to be patient and to trust in the Lord with all my heart and not to lean on my own understanding.

TWENTY SIXTEEN GOALS (these are in no order)

  • Surrendering myself to God and picking up my cross daily
  • Creative, fashion job and or using my skills to the best of my ability (job)
  • My own place
  • Dog
  • More responsible
  • Living for Jesus not for man.
  • Bringing my inner artist out of me
  • Photography
  • Surround myself with life-giving, Christ living friends
  • Multiple marathons
  • Being more thankful and grateful


Hear me out though, I’m not going to start pursuing these goals or attempting to achieve these goals when midnight hits or the New Year starts. I’ve been adamant about all these goals, they’re just a main priority now for me with also the New Year, perfect timing as well. I know I can achieve them in a matter of time, depending on how bad I want the change though… HAPPY NEW YEAR! If you make a to-do list or have a vision board, comment down below and let me know! I am always interested into hearing what others goals are. Here’s to being strong and courageous this new year!




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