2am Wake Up Call

Its 2am in the morning as I write this. I just arrived home about a good hour ago. I have not been out this late in years. I’m exhausted, irritated, annoyed confused and sad all at the same time. You’d think, how? By her pictures she seemed to have had such a great night, why would you be sad if you were just out on the town? That’s because you only see what a picture can capture.

I LOVE meeting new people, especially while travelling, you need to be ok with it. That being said I am going to cut to the chase and say a picture is worth a thousand words. I have had a few people reach out to me tonight and lately saying how much “fun” I’ve had by seeing my photos I post. Yes, it’s been fun getting to know others, its been fun learning about the Aussie culture but deep down my heart aches for these people, im confused and just broken-hearted why this culture is the way it is. This has been so big on my heart since the first time I experienced what I am about to express. I am so thankful for blogging because it allows an access to reach others and or explain my raw thoughts with no boundaries.

The Gold Coast is the number one place for the most Godless living in Australia; according to an Aussie that I was chatting with. Speechless, right? I was when I moved here. I had no idea. It breaks my heart to know you can be having such an in-depth convo with someone and all of the sudden you see them slip a white pill in their mouth or snort something right in front of you. I wish I were making this up, I wish this was a lie but it’s not. It’s reality and I lived this reality tonight. I was not participating in these activities, the people I was conversing with was… it made my stomach flip upside down. Not being brought up around this type of lifestyle, it’s completely foreign to me but here it is so nonchalant, no big deal, NO. BIG. DEAL.

From the experiences that I have had down here the Aussie culture to me seems to be drinking by day and drugs by night. I don’t like judging a book by its cover, I want to think people don’t take drugs to have a good time or to function but tonight was a surprise. Great conversation was flowing and then out of the blue bam. Why? The questions start to bounce in my head like someone who is on something. Why do you need to do drugs? What makes it so indulging you need to do it every time you’re out or all the time your awake? Why? What are you numbing? My heartaches for the people whom I have run into you and chatted with and or met. Why do you feel the need to do drugs? Why do you feel the need to put your mindset in a different world while everyone else is down here on earth? Can you not comprehend life in reality? I just don’t get it. Not doing drugs has nothing to do with religion at all because I have been told that is why I don’t do them. No, I don’t do them because I don’t feel the need to be on that certain level, I don’t want to numb the pain for a moment I don’t want to mess my brain up because I wanted to have “fun” for that moment. Every person I have chatted with said they have had a rough past, they’ve been hurt and they chose to do this and it’s been that answer almost every time.

We’ve all been hurt, we’ve all suffered from some sort of pain in life, whether that being childhood, adolescent years or adult years. It’s happened to us all unfortunately. However with that pain, that hurt, why turn to drugs? Because it’s an easy access, you can get instant gratification since you want it now, your way, on your time. That’s fair, I’ve been there, I’ve wanted some things immediately before too but nothing forced ends well; it’s just the obvious. So, I ask again dear friend, why? Why turn to something that will be a temporary “help” when you can go to not something but someone. What if I told you that there is someone who can heal that pain and hurt you have acquired in this life. What if that someone actually took that pain and burden for you by shedding His blood and died on a cross as a perfect man because something so pure and perfect needed to be sacrificed in atone for the sins of the people. You may think I am sounding crazy or speaking gibberish but I am here to voice to you that I believe Jesus Christ is the Lord and savior and He is waiting for you with arms wide open. Bruised, hurt, addicted, happy, sad, content, scared, angry, bitter, etc. He is there and all He wants is for you to just fall into His arms so He can hold on tight to you because you’re His daughter/son and He is your Heavenly Father.

Luke 15:11-32 is the book about the Prodigal son. It’s a great read for anyone who thinks they are not worthy enough to run to Jesus. That book is for someone who’s been through hell and back and needs nothing but to be loved, to be held, to be praised, to not be judged because running to Jesus is something to celebrate about. Whether that being your first time doing it or 100th time. It’s ALWAYS something to be praised about. “ For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found. So they began to celebrate.” Luke 15:24

This is a long read, I am trying to cut it short but it’s so hard to cut something short when you’re so passionate about something. I want hurting, scared, anxious, addicted people to understand that they don’t need to be proactive in the certain activities they decide to do, they should try something new if they haven’t. Maybe try to be in a relationship with Jesus? I can go on for days about this but I just want to try to stick to what I am trying to get across. This world is about instant gratification, right here right now. However, instead of shoving all that crap under the carpet and start having it just build up and up, until one day who knows what could happen, why not try just talking to Jesus. Stuff what anyone will think, yes you may think you’re talking to air, I for sure thought that but He’s there, He’s omnipresent; Isaiah 57:15. He is inside as the Holy Spirit, having accepting Him into your heart; John 14:6-7 & John 14:26-27. He is alive and He has risen, amen. So next time you want to pop that pill, next time you want to intoxicate your mind with drugs, I am just going to be blunt, just scream, shout, whisper, yell the name of Jesus; Jeremiah 10:6. He will hear you and He will help you. Maybe not instantly like what other things have done in the past but His timing is perfect and He will fulfill the promises that He has made for you and I. God is good all the time and all the time He is good. Again, pictures can say a lot but it’s what usually is not being captured is the reality of what should be shown. Raw, organic moments. 




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