I Challenge You!

The past couple of weeks have been very repetitive. Not a whole lot of “excitement”, per say has been happening but as it is said, life is what you make it. I have a challenge for myself and for you. I am going to change this repetitive routine and add some spice in between. See what I did! Helping people makes me feel good or just doing a random act of kindness makes my day that much better. I know I can’t be the only one with that effect so here’s my challenge for you this upcoming BRAND NEW week:

Do 3-5 random acts of kindness this week. With the new week approaching you have 7 days or 168 hours to conquer this challenge. At the end of the week, I will follow-up with you all and let you know what I did, vice versa.


  • For all my coffee lovers pay for the coffee of whomever is behind you.
  • Pay for someone’s gas and or groceries
  • Help the momma’s in need with putting their groceries the car or dad if he’s being the mom for the day.
  • Offer to help if someone seems lost or just needs help.
  • Spark up a convo if you see someone sitting alone.
  • Send someone flowers or write a letter to a friend.
  • Leave a note in a book at the library of something that would be beautiful and meaningful for anyone.
  • Stop holding back and give that compliment to that girl or guy. It’s just a compliment not a lifetime commitment, but you never know, sparks may fly.
  • Ladies, compliment that girl on her adorable outfit, it is truly appreciated and she won’t forget it!
  • Fellas there’s nothing wrong with showing your bromance, if you like his watch or shoes, say it!

These are just a few examples I have come up with however, I am sure there are many more, Cannot wait to hear back from you all (:

As I said before: when you’re done with your random acts comment on this blog and or post on my blogs Facebook page and let me know what you did, I would really love to know!

FB link:




Here’s to conquering challenges.


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