1000 Words Is Not Enough

Today was a fairytale… Ugh, I sound like Taylor Swift; I was most definitely not going for. But really though, today was UNREAL. It has to be by far one of my top 3 best days of my life. It may seem as if I’m boasting but let’s be real, I am boasting in the name of Jesus because this moment was unforgettable.

Besides becoming very very lost on the way to the Great Ocean Road, We finally made it and that 5+ hour drive was beyond worth it. Before arriving to the 12 apostles, I prayed and asked for the Lord to wipe out all expectations of this experience because I tend to have very high expectations for a lot of things and they end up not meeting them but this was above and beyond the expectations I had brewing in my head. I knew this place was going to beautiful but what I did not know is that I was going to see a bit of what the Lord’s beauty looks like. From what I remember, I don’t believe I’ve ever felt this way before, until today. I was beyond speechless, I became emotional, I was tongue-tied, I could not even express how I felt because I was grinning ear to ear by this categorically astonishing land mark.

It stuns me to know that there are actual places like this on our earth. I easily get amused or fascinated, however, this place had my jaw dropping. I finally was able to experience the beauty of Jesus for once, only because I prayed and allowed my heart to not be hardened to His beauty for once. Don’t get me wrong, you can find beauty in anything, it doesn’t have to be a landmark, a verse, a flower, etc. it could be a piece of grass or sand. Today though, the Lord was exceeding my expectations (as He always does) and  showing me Himself through the earth today. I am so glad I continued the route because after 5+ straight hours of driving I wanted to give up. You really don’t know what’s at the end if you don’t follow thru. KEEP ON GOING, IT’S WORTH IT.

Shout out to the highest King! I will NEVER forget this moment.

PS. remember how I’ve said before I have a theme song for my weeks or days. WELL… today’s theme song and this week as well is “Amazing Life by: Britt Nicole.” That song will put you in a fantastic mood (: 







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