Person 1: Hey! How are you??

Person 2: good! “high pitch voice”. How are you?

Person 1: I’m good “smiles and walks off.

Person 2: “smiles and walks off too”

Does that sound familiar? That’s what a pretty typical day-to-day surface level conversation I hear others speak and I too, have done as well. Why though? Why surface level, even if it’s your best friend friend or just a friend. Why can’t people get deep anymore? Why can’t people ask the question one more time to really ask how they’re going? I’ve done that before, I’ve asked that question multiple times in a row to others because I truly want to know and I know they want to tell someone why they’re hurting or having a bad week but they don’t want to share it unless some shows some type of curiosity when they speak. However, when it comes to authenticity where has it gone? What made it stop? Why are people so lazy these days when it comes to relationships and friendships? Why don’t they want to the extra mile? Are they not worth it? If they aren’t why are you still friends? Why can’t we be real when it comes to answering simple questions of, “hey, how are you?” Why do you even bother asking if you don’t want to get deep? I am not saying you need to be deep every time but for once, just be raw and really speak on how your feeling and receiver: just let them talk. That’s where healing begins.

Specifically speaking to all my brothers and sisters in Christ this question is more directed towards you. If we are called to hold each other’s burdens, walk together through trials and tribulations, help each other out, be encouraging why can’t you go that extra step? Why can’t you just stop being selfish for once and just help another sister or brother, who is struggling. For all you know, your help may literally save their walk. Hear me out, I’m not saying I’ve never been selfish because I have and still am. I also am saying that I’ve needed my Christ following friends to help me out but they didn’t want to help because my situation was exhausting, they didn’t have time or it was a burden to them. Ouch, that’ll do it.

If you claim yourself to be this Christ follower of the most Sovereign God and someone who is suppose to be an image of Him, why can’t you walk the walk as well? Why do you only do it when it’s convenient? Even though you maybe going through hell at the moment or have been for many years, that person who says their good but truly isn’t but could really use someone to ask one more time because that will show that they truly want to go beyond surface level because we are called TO DO THAT. Why is that so hard for us? Why? Why can’t we be authentic with our struggles and share them or hear others out when they’re struggling? We’re not perfect. I struggle all the time. I am just so tired of people not being there for others and not helping them out when someone needs it the most. You can’t tell me you didn’t want someone to listen to you when your heart was broken from that recent break-up or your parent’s divorce that recently just became finalized. I have. I’ve wanted that shoulder to cry on.

To conclude this statement that will be continued another time I want to leave you with this. If you do feel alone and you have no one to count on, not even that person who said they will always be there isn’t there, the shoulder that you can cry on, that will be there 24/7, that will NEVER leave you NOR for sake you, that will ALWAYS hear you out, that will NEVER judge you and will ONLY love you and have their arms WIDE open for you is, Jesus Christ.

To be continued…


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