Decisions Decisions

To whom this may concern:

I have learned over that past few years of being on my own that everything in life is self-taught. They don’t ever say that in school for some odd reason but maybe they did and I didn’t hear it… oops!

Any who, it really irritates me because I know some kids who are so incredibly intellectually smart, smarter than the average person but that piece of paper says otherwise. It breaks my heart to hear that majority of the time most jobs or opportunities aren’t given to those people. Why? Why can’t you take a chance? Take a risk? Understand this: that person could be the next person who cures a disease that we’ve been trying to find a cure for. That next person could be an impeccable fashion designer. That next person could be a top life saving doctor or that person could make your company sky-rocket. You get the picture.

At the end of the day, I understand you have a “reputation to uphold” however, just think about it. You never know until you try, despite what that piece of paper may say, if this person talks as big as they do and as proper as they do, see if their actions line up with it from giving them an opportunity, one chance, that’s it. Didn’t you ever want a chance and wish someone gave that to you? Well here’s your opportunity, reap what you sow.

Let me remind you, since this world is all about first impressions; this person has class, they can hold themselves together, they are very mature in the business environment and out because they know they are representing someone. From the looks of it, they dress the part, speak with true audacity and they are incredibly self-motivated. Forget the paper, the resume, the grades, the scores, if you were to run into them at a grocery store, would you hire that person or would you hire someone who is the complete opposite, arrogant, immature, rude character but has the piece of paper?




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