Reality is

My next itch has landed me in the beautiful mini version of New York City, aka. Melbourne. Side note it is pronounced like Melbin, because the Aussie’s are famously known for shortening everything, which then, becomes outrageously confusing when you’re in conversation with an Aussie and they think you are dumb since they need to repeat what they just said but in reality you just cannot understand their slang. Help me I’m poor; bridesmaids moment deal with it!

Since arriving here, I have hardly had any time to Skype my loved ones. It’s tough since I am so distracted with all the shiny new toys; that being a new environment, place, weather and exciting new adventures beyond my door step. It’s been hard to embrace this change. I am not a person who likes change, being ironic as that is I really don’t. Since enduring this new adventure, I have had waves of being homesick. It’s not a fun feeling because there’s nothing you can do to make it better. It also made me realize how much I had take for granted back at home. Yes, I did want to wake up to a new view, be uncomfortable and grow. All that has happened and is still happening but the cliché saying is true; you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

I love snowboarding, hiking, late night adventuring, knowing where N, E, S, or W is, knowing street names and highways, and being comfortable.

Australia is beautiful don’t get me wrong but I felt as if I had taken that majestic mountainous view for granted. I was so use to it and had really never seen anything else but that I wanted to get of that boring bubble and explore. I am not saying I regret adventuring; I am just upset that I didn’t appreciate the beauty around me. There was so much, and in conclusion I was not allowing myself to be creative because I was too lazy. I then, had this sudden urge to experience something else besides my backyard. Pop that comfortable bubble and escape. Go big or go home, I traveled across the world, below the equator and landed in a beautiful so similar yet so different place.

I love what I have been experiencing, learning and understanding but I do know, in my heart, I will forever be a mountain, spontaneous adventuring gal but the ocean, my oh my the ocean is filled with mind blowing beautiful creatures. I cannot fathom the beauty of what lies in those crystal clear oceanic waters. It almost reminds me about the sovereign God we have. You cannot fathom how much He loves you but it’s beyond beautiful and intriguing.

Reality is; be ok with your surroundings, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Anything can be beautiful or ugly just depends on the perception and the way you look at it. Yes, I was bored of mountains, I escaped, came to an island and realized how beautiful the mountains are and maybe even more than before. Be content with where you are. A situation does not define your happiness, or your life, you do. Embrace and enjoy it because you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.




2 thoughts on “Reality is

  1. good observation, “you don’t know what you have till it’s gone”. Learn to be content, what a concept, Paul left us to understand as part being a follower of Christ.

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