Helpful Immune System Tips

G’day from down under, where the temperature is currently 18 Celsius and I am constantly looking like a naked chicken; meaning I have goose bumps covering my whole body. I made a rooky mistake and packed hardly any winter clothes, assuming coming to somewhere that is considered an island, you’d think it would be quite warm, yes it is. However, not the case when it is winter in the southern area of Oz.

After days on end of constant shivering I am really surprised that my immune system has not given up, just keep swimming. There are consequences to everything, good or bad, in my case I would reckon it would be bad; excessive amount of shivering can create you to strike up the common cold or some sort of flu, and lately I’ve done nothing but shiver, again, kudos to my immune system. After analyzing my thoughts while I have been writing this I have come to conclusion that it’s been over a year since I’ve been sick and the last time this has happened to me was 8 years ago. When finished reading that, you may ask, what in the world? What is her secret? And I answer, we’re all dying to know Victoria’s Secret but by looking at what they sells I have a hunch.

Oh, you mean you’d like to know my secret for immune systems; sorry my ADD kicked in and well you get the picture. Ok, well… if I tell you it won’t be a secret anymore but since it brings me great joy to help others, I’d gladly be happy to share.

Growing up my mom was never the mom to give us kids Advil or any type of “medication” for when we were sick. THANKS MOM! It was either; let your body fight it off the “all natural” way or Echinacea (Ek-in-a-sha) and P D’arco (Poor-D-ar-ko) with Vitamin C and Zinc pills aka. Magic.

I use to HATE taking any type of medication let alone vitamin C but my mom insisted us kids to take what she uses. Echinacea is an all natural herb and supplement that grows from a purplish colored coneflower; it’s a cousin of the daisies. Both of these herbs come in liquid droplet form, so it is user friendly for anyone to consume. Pau d’arco is also an all-natural herb that is found in wood and both work better together as a pair. They can be a metaphor for Tom and Jerry, without Tom, Jerry would be sad, vice versa. These two together have an antibiotic force to build your immune system back and if you continue to take it even when you’re not sick, that will have a positive effect of having a stronger immune system, which will create your body to become less sick. I am not saying that you’ll never get sick again because it is good for your body to be at a low tolerance once awhile, so later on you can fight off some other type of bacteria you may have run into and since your body has been exposed too it, you won’t be as sick.

Over the counter 99% sugar injected medications only really do the trick one time since your body is now prone to that specific “medication” it is not strong enough to fight anything else off. Ex: put tape on your skin and rip it off, keep doing that and see what happens. It doesn’t stick as good as it did the first time, keep doing it and after a little while, the sticky adhesive will be completely gone. Same concept for that medication, since it is man made, it can only work for so long and with the amount of sugar they have in that stuff, it makes you more dehydrated and actually will make you feel even worse. That’s why all-natural products have positive feedbacks because there are no man-made chemicals or any other type of unknown ingredients added. I have been using all of these herbs an vitamins since I can remember, so I highly recommend this to anyone in need of immune help. If you don’t believe me about any of these intellectual surface level facts I have provided, just go ask the Native Americans because they are the founders of good ol’ Echinacea and H. Wagner, head of the institute of pharmaceutical Biology at the University of Munich Germany. He too is very resourceful for some knowledge on Pau d’arco.

  • For further information here are 2 good articles on the herbs themselves:

Who knew mothers do know best (; Shout out to my Mother, thanks for helping my immune system and myself out when it was most needed.

Background knowledge on Pau d’arco:

Background knowledge on Echinacea:

Background knowledge on Zinc:

Background knowledge on Vitamin C

The herbs and vitamins all can be purchased at your local vitamin shoppe or vitamin cottage. 




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