I went on an adventure and came across this path, this path also lead to three other path ways. Immediatelyย I thought about life and itself. You have so many paths in life, so many choices to make and you really never know what you are getting yourself into until you walk in whatever direction you choose. I chose the left path and unexpectedly, it took me to this incredibly beautiful lily pad lake. As I was walking around the lake I noticed there were bottles, trash, icky man-made products that shouldn’t be in there and black gunk floating around the sides of the lake. I also then noticed throughout this whole entire lake, there was one, single stunning flower. That flower stood out as a metaphor to me. “You can be surrounded by so many distractions, so much crap and think your situation is horrible but in reality you just have to look a little harder and realize it can beautiful, it’s just all about the perception you have in the situation.”ย You make the situation good or bad, not life. You have a choice in everything, whether that’s to choose the “correct” path or to find the silver lining in the situation, everything is a choice. With that choice; will come good or bad consequences however, with prayer, seeking God and obeying what He says you can expect it will be tough, hard and sticky but it will have unexpectedly beautiful result.

Have Faith. Trust. Believe.






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