38 Espresso

After a friend of mine showed me this café, I have been coming here on my free times. Either to do some quiet times, read or to simply just take a moment and embrace my surroundings. I was immediately attracted to this café from a lake being located right outside the doors and across the sidewalk. You walk in and you know that feeling you get of comfort and just relaxation, well that’s exactly what I felt the first time I walked in. This place has so much character to it, you cannot not come back. Since discovering this lovely secret spot, my goal is to become a regular customer and be on the first name basis with the employes. That has never happened to me, not even at Starbucks (when I would go multiple times a day). I want to be able to walk in, be greeted by my name and asked if I want the regular (Iced, Soy, Vanilla Chai tea). It can make you feel special knowing someone remembers your name and that specific regular drink of yours. The older I am, the more appreciative I am towards the little things because they truly do mean the most. 





2 thoughts on “38 Espresso

  1. I should do this more often.. go to a quiet, indie cafe and just spend some alone time working behind my laptop or reading a good book whilst indulging in good coffee (white mocha and green tea frappuchinos are MY favourite ^_^)

    Lovely read !

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