411 On Trends This Summer.

Spring is coming and that means April showers bring may flowers… Actually it’s the time of season to start consuming lots of water and really staying away from carbs as much as possible for that beach body you’ll want to show off in that one piece. Yes, you read that right, one pieces are trending for swimsuit seasons or the 90’s are just coming back in a more modern sophisticated way. Yes you really did hear me right though one-piece swimsuits are coming back and they are going to be trending a lot this summer. Maybe you can actually eat that extra bread roll from Olive Garden or eat that pastry you’ve been craving to eat after yoga because it wont show in your one piece (; I am so happy that these swimsuits are coming back, why? Because then you do not have to worry about having that put together beach body and nothing falls out either, it’s a win-win outfit. In my opinion you can look so incredibly sophisticated and chic when you wear one and yet still look sexy, depending on the style or the cut of the swimsuit either way you can look fab. If you are a lady who likes to keep up to date with trends, here is the 411, and eating carbs is ok but please do not forget your daily dosage of that glorious hydrating H2O.

 Today I was in a weird-funny obnoxious mood so in a way I’m trying to be weird-funny obnoxious but in a way I’m not. Okay happy carb month everyone (:







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