Spice up your look!

First off, I want to say thank you to Danielle from Rocksbox and sending me these pieces! They are so fab, I am so excited to wear them (: You did a great job!

If you have not heard of Rocksbox, they are a fabulous jewelry company & you may be missing out. How it works is, you go to their website, sign up and let them know what your style is; Simple, edgy, preppy, n/a, etc. Then they have special designer(s) who pick out certain pieces just for your taste and they send out a box of goodies to you in about a week or so. You pay $19/month and you have an unlimited amount of trade in. What I really loved is that not only do they custom pick these pieces for you but also have a little hello message when you open up your package, I definitely believe that adds a special effect! There is a catch, though, it is not a bad one. These pieces are for you to wear on a loan until you are ready for your next box unless you want to purchase them. I truly appreciate that because you are constantly having a variety of jewelry and always can have something new to spice your look up with. You never really know what you are getting since you do have someone who picks for you, however, if they know your style they usually always get it to a T. I would definitely recommend this product if you are addicted to jewelry and or wanting to broaden your accessory horizon.

Website: http://www.rocksbox.com/inviteΒ 

  • Perry Street Lina Necklace $60
  • Gorjana Roya Drop Earrings $59
  • Margaret Elizabeth Cushion Ct Ring in Emerald Onyx $62Β 








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