Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Red rocks is a place that a lot of Coloradans, tourists, outdoorsy people, adventurous ones go to for a beautiful breathtaking view. You can get a hardcore work out done here, experience amazing ear throbbing concerts, embrace the beauty of what this state has to offer or for instance, the Denver skyline. Sometimes it’s really good to come here to clear your head and take a step back to realize how life really is not bad, it’s just a bad day. I love when nature or life can just spring onto you sights like this right when those negative thoughts start to clutter your brain, all you need is a magnificent to change your thoughts. Bringing yourself back to reality and realizing there’s more to life than school, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, popularity, having the most followers, having the most likes, having the most Facebook friends, all the money you could want and having the “perfect life”. Ask yourself, if tomorrow all your social media sites were deleted, your bank account zeroed, boyfriend/girlfriend was not relevent, and you were denied from every single school you applied too, how would you react? Would you world come crashing down? Would your identity be stripped? Would you not know what to do with yourself? What would you do? I would say all those “things” I just voiced are just simply things, they are earthly and don’t really have true meaning. You can truly find beauty in everything,ย it’s how you perceive the beauty in what you are looking at. Forget about all those earthly pointless life-sucking things and just go somewhere and breathe in the beauty of this world. Look up from that phone screen that you are looking at because you are bored; it’s a choice to be bored and you are choosing to be bored, there’s so much to do out in this gigantic world and you are choosing to turn your brain into a raisin. You can keep refreshing Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site, however, you cannot refresh nature. Once it’s gone it’s gone. So get up, take a drive, walk, jog, bike ride to somewhere peaceful and look up.






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