Sporty and Fashionable

I don’t know what it is about new workout clothes however, every time I want to feel motivated to work out, I have to be wearing workout clothes. As they say, “dress for the part” cannot be more accurate in this situation. I tend to feel more in my comfort zone when I’m wearing workout clothes then wearing a drabby old t-shirt paired with my soccer shorts. I want to look good while, I am drenched in sweat. With the New Year coming up, I want to get more serious with my fitness, health and having a healthy lifestyle. Here’s to conquering new goals!

Happy almost New Year!


Big City Dreamer

  • Nike DRI-FIT womens silver V neck.
  • Nike JUST DO IT static running tights
  • Nike 3/4 sleeve DRI-FIT neon yellow running shirt.



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