Healthy Drinking!

I finally forced myself to do it again! I came to conclusion, since I never drink water I should to infuse it.(Thanks to Pinterest) I just really was over that blah taste of water, it was not refreshing at all. Since living in Colorado, all the people i talk to, drink about 4, 32oz Nalgene bottles. Which to me, thats a whole lot of water for just one day. Rarely do I drink 8 oz. I really don’t ever get dehydrated, light headed or any of those side effects from not drinking water. However, recently I have been noticing issues from digestive to cotton mouth. I also started to run again, which you most definitely need to drink water if you run. So… I went to the store, bought this VOSS water bottle, and literally just infused it with fresh squeezed lemons, its so refreshing!! I am going to keep track and see if anything “changes”, skin, less cotton mouth, my digestive issues go away, water weight decreases, etc. Because in order for anything to digest, you need to have liquids, if your body is lacking liquids, constipation can happen, plus all sorts of other bad issues can repel off that too and we don’t want that! I am going to try and get at least 16 oz in a day, if not more. Remember, if life gives you lemons, infuse your water with them (;


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