Tis the season for fall la la la la

Ladies, it’s time… embrace those layers and look fabulous doing it!!

What I love most about fall season is, you can have so many multifunctional pieces. Re-wearing at its finest is happening this season. Don’t get rid of those tank tops or denim shirts just yet. Cardigans come into play and sweaters are your best friend. I love the classic denim button up, layered with a statement sweater. You can never go wrong with that look because it is a look I like to call, “effortlessly chic” and who doesn’t want that? For bottoms, Leather pants are coming back into the picture which is ok. However covering the bum looks a lot better and more classy. Also you don’t have that horrible (camel toe) action going on, which no one ever wants to have or see for that matter. Bold layering statement pieces are just as fun to add if you are in need to spice your outfit up. Then to tie it off, since it is fall/winter is coming, fur!! (faux fur) of course if you’re into that. To tie your “effortlessly chic” outfit together add some more texture to your outfit with an oversized fur coat! Color does not really matter because the colors in the fall are more neutrals and dark, which entails, anything goes! Happy Fall ya’ll (:

Big City DreamerIMG_6980


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