Recent Favs

I figured I would share with you all my recent favs, or even items that I have been using very frequently lately.   I am very grateful I stashed this baby in my suitcase. At first, I did not think I would need but, yup, 100% needed it. You can find the same one here! [...]

Streets Of Pons

Recently a few girlfriends I met here had a going-away celebration for a friend of ours and it happen to take place in this very small peculiar area called Ponsonby.  Our first stop was a place called Miss Moonshines for brunch, that ended up being lunch since our arrival time. We ended up getting apps [...]

Gallop On

As I take in my surroundings and just the past year of my life, I have come to notice something very positive. I usually complain about my generation and just how lazy we are because I can't agree more how we are the generation of entitlement. We are also the generation of instant gratification. We [...]

Thank You, Zara

I've been in a fashion funk lately. Not really inspired by anything. However, the other day I managed to find a Zara!! This. Was. Gold. Side note: we don't have a Zara back home, so the fact I have access to one, physically, is quite dangerous.  Any who, I became inspired by an outfit a mannequin [...]

Life, ya know?ย 

Kia Ora, It's been awhile since I have written my thoughts out, but in this case typed out. I have so much to say but not sure how to say it. So for now I'll leave you with this.  Class of 2017 is not the year I will graduating. If I stayed on a certain [...]